Tuesday, May 1, 2018

So long, 2017. Hoping 2018 is sweet.

Hellloooo again!  HAPPY NEW YEAR! *cue Mayday eyeroll*

Man, 2017 was a GRIND.  So many things happening on the world stage, so many things happening in the States, just soooo much.  I find myself wishing more of it was good stuff happening.

At Turtle Alley, things were an oasis, most of the time, of sweetness.  We've got a great crew in both shops, and of course, plenty of things to do.  We came up with a couple of new things to tempt you folks, and I still have to taste-test enough to ruin dinner at least once or twice a month.  All together, a swell way to pass the hours.

I've been pretty quiet on the blogfront; I had a loyal customer mention today that she missed the blog updates, and to be honest, I do too.  It's been a busy winter, but it always is.
The winter of 2017 was marked by loss for me, however -- 1 mentor, 3 dear friends. Pretty heavy.

This week, one of those dear friends would have had a birthday.  We played a lot of tennis, ate a lot of meals, drank ourselves some fine French wines, and had the most rewarding working relationship ever. Since I first opened the doors of Turtle Alley. 

Laura Herrmann Couallier was Turtle Alley's graphic designer since day one.  That's almost 19 years.  Almost 19 years of my last minute requests for snappy ads, spontaneous sticker inspirations, brochures, window designs, sign updates, just everything.  Laura was a great designer because she was a great listener.  She was very open to all of my input.  One of the best collaborative relationships I have ever had.  A lot of this winter was spent trying to figure out how to continue without her.
Thankfully, chocolatetown is a busy place in the winter.  Thankfully I have the most delightful and supportive husband, and crew. Thankfully, winter turns to spring, the light returns, darkness recedes.  Happy birthday, chica, I miss you daily.

Pretty good reason to be quiet for awhile, no?

So let's have a bright spot, shall we?

Excellent fun news in candyland (and a big ole whoop whoop) comes from our girls Amy and Brandy
look at those sweet mugs!!
who brought home the excellence in retail award this year!  They got to put on their glad rags and had a swell time being wined and dined.  Shout out to the Salem Chamber of Commerce  for welcoming Amy so warmly to the fold.  It's been wonderful to watch Amy make new connections, and great fun for both Amy and Brandy to welcome all sorts of new customers through those connections.              

So for now, we'll luxuriate in accolades for a job well done, dream up some wonderful gifts for your Mother (Mother's Day is May 13th, FYI), enjoy spring whenever it decides to show up, and think good thoughts.  For those that are here on the planet, and those that are not.  A blog a month, that's    
my promise for 2018.  I like to keep my promises.  Talk to you in June!  xxx   H.                                              

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